Do you need to change up your meal planning game?

I'll help you create a meal plan that sets up you up for success that your family will LOVE!

Are you standing in front of the fridge with no clue how to create meals from the ingredients you have on hand?

Are you struggling trying to create last-minute dinners for your family?

Do you feel like lack of planning is keeping you from hitting your nutrition goals?

Let me help you out!

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Hi, I'm Gina Harney.

I'm the creator of the Fitnessista, a healthy lifestyle brand that reaches hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide. I'm a NASM-certified personal trainer and weight loss specialist, an author, podcast host, and I'm a wife and mom of two young girls.

I love to cook and create healthy recipes that enable our family to get in the nutrient goals we need for our active and busy lifestyles. I no longer "wing it" at dinnertime, and would love to share my tips for creating a meal plan for the week, setting yourself up for success, plus some bonus recipes that we all love.

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