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I'll be providing the EXACT workouts to complete -- they'll be fun, effective and help you see that you really CAN do this long after the challenge is over! I'll be including meal ideas, ongoing motivation and more!

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Join the free 7-day Home Workout Warrior challenge, starting on January 18, 2021

Here's how the #HomeWorkoutWarrior challenge works:

- We're focusing on consistency and motivation as we head into the new year. So many of us had our fitness routines thrown upside-down in 2020, so this is the perfect way to restart the momentum. These are quick, challenging workouts with a solid training split. All you need is a pair of dumbbells!

- This is an INSTAGRAM challenge! You will "check in" each day via Instagram stories or in your feed, using a photo (can be a sweaty selfie, a quote, shot of the gym, you and a partner, equipment, inspirational meme, whatever). You don't have to post on IG to receive the workouts; these check-ins are just to enter to win prizes! YOU WILL HASHTAG ALL POSTS using "#HomeWorkoutWarrior" and also the DAY of the challenge it is for you. For example, my description might be "Just finished the total body workout! Sweating my face off and feeling strong @fitnessista #HomeWorkoutWarrior #Day1" - I will be sending you examples of posts via email after you sign up!

- To complete the challenge, you must complete 5 workouts in 7 days. Join thousands of other women participating in this challenge and we'll be cheering for each other along the way!

- The workouts are challenging and intense. Don't worry, I'll be providing video workout tutorials and modifications as we go.

- I'll provide the exact workouts via email. On Saturday, January 16th, you'll receive everything in your inbox so you're ready to rock and roll on Monday.

- How to win: everyone who completes 5 workouts (verified by Instagram shares) is entered to win the grand prize: goodies from some of my favorite healthy living brands, APL sneakers, and a year access to Fit Team.

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